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  • Day 141.4. DEA Licenses Being Stolen and Compromising Pharmacists? - YouTube
    • Day 140 back to the opium dome you can just kind of pick the top of it off
    • And take off and go ahead and get your opiates
    • So yeah I'm not saying the director of strategy Awan is the director of the opiate dome or not but
    • Again, why the DEA license?
    • And if there was an enforcement agency--let's say the DEA where
    • And let's say you had somebody a friend in the DEA business
    • Like let's say, Bruce Ohr, you could go around and see which licenses had expired, retired doctors who had retired, revoked, etc
    • If you had a common name like Wong or Awan, you could reuse those licenses much the same way that the employee numbers were reused in the PeopleSoft application
    • So basically, you just say, "hey I'm Albert Wong today, nd I am going to go in and visit let's say Lobel LaBelle"
    • The gal who is the executive director at this largest facility in the country for veterans the largest consumer of pain meds and different types of psych meds
    • And say, "look you're not complying--you're out of compliance with your EEO, 15-percent has to go to EEO, we're gonna lower the boom on you. We're gonna come down on you. We're gonna sue you."
    • And what's the natural reaction?
    • Well, "you have a list of people who I could buy through, small pharmacies, or whatever, small distributors?"
    • Oh yeah sure I've got a list right here : it's it's Omar Awan, you can buy from him
    • Or you can buy from Mark Lambert, he's on our list,
    • Or you can buy from Saipov, he's one of our truckers, you can you can you can get it from him,
    • Or Albert Wong, he's one of our local guys
    • You got to be one of these four though, otherwise we're coming down on you hard
    • We're gonna we're gonna lay it on you with lawsuits right
    • Now, there was just recently a case of this W E R T K I N [[WERTKIN]] I would think of it like a not like a wart on your face
    • And then a family like that would be a wart-kin
    • This is wart kin like work like wer t like beer wort, not like beer wort but like wart-kin
    • But he had 40 of these cases of whistleblower cases in health
    • Now, is that DEA? is that VA? is that VA where DEA meets VA? is that Health? is that HHS? We don't really know
    • But 40 whistleblower cases somehow he has, in San Francisco
    • I'm not saying it's McKesson McKesson McKesson I don't know who those cases are
    • But again, we don't know he's somehow in a private law firm has 40 government whistleblower cases
    • Now, we know there's a hundred 90 whistleblower cases here, with a guy named Stone, who's stonewalling in those cases
    • Again, this Senate is stonewalling the approval of the new Inspector General for those cases
    • We need to get some transparency here
    • There is a huge something very rotten in Denmark something is horribly rotten
    • We need to get a new inspector general to get those 190 cases out see if those are the same 40 cases as the wertkin
    • And then we have all the sealed indictments
    • He was selling sealed indictments. This Wertkin can was selling sealed indictments
    • Now, it's almost sounds like sealed indictments are every bit as much of businesses as expired or retired DEA licenses!
    • Let's get the bottom of this
    • This sealed indictment thing is bad news
    • It seems like a secondary market in sealed indictments
    • Is it just this one guy with the 40 indictments?
    • We have 10,000 more than 10,000 sealed indictments out there, we got to get to the bottom of this
    • First thing Trump can do just take all 190 whistleblower cases
    • And just publish just publish those
    • Publish the Inspector General report for the house
    • Publish all the Capitol police reports just push it out there the sergeant of arms etc just for starters
    • Just for starters just push it out just like you did with the Fast and Furious
    • Just push it out
    • Then we'll bring in Inspector Generals that can look at the crowd source analysis of all that information
    • And with these 40 cases out in San Francisco this Wertkin just push it out who are the 40 cases
    • We need to know
    • If somebody's selling sealed indictments we have a market being established for 40s indictments
    • We have to publish all 10,000
    • Who are the 10,000 sealed indictments
  • Day 141.5. We Will EEO Your Ass, Dr Wong. Write the Damn Script - YouTube
    • Day 140 this is part six or 141 part six here we are at the opium dome let me see if I can get that top
    • And the opium dome opiate dome I got it no no almost got it got it there it is
    • Taking the top off blowing the lid off the opiate dome
    • Forget about Omar Awan with the license with the DEA license ed I want you to think about Omar Awan and the DEA license anymore today
    • But this Curious Case of Dr. Wong
    • Now, this isn't I'm not saying two morons Wongs make a right
    • But this is a case where two Wong's may actually make a right
    • (that's hard to say if you do it really fast)
    • But though this Wong is 48 year old Albert Wong, not the younger guy who shot the women at Yountville--the executive director at the VA
    • But the a guy in Chino
    • He only writes 13 prescriptions a month he's a pharmacist 13 prescriptions a month
    • He's getting all kinds of pressure from these drug companies, we want to go in business, we'll provide you all the doctors, all you have to do is write the prescriptions write the prescriptions write the prescriptions
    • Well the guy--he feels pressured, so he goes into business
    • And it turns out these doctors are fake
    • These are Awan doctors--these are fakes. They're all fake
    • But now, he the FBI is coming after him
    • Now, because he wrote the prescriptions
    • He said I tried to see if they were real, I called the Awan doctors, and they seemed real I--
    • I only got a couple minutes to fill a prescription.
    • I only did 13 prescriptions a month
    • So he writes this letter, and he explains this situation saying, "hey I got muscled out of of my DEA license"
    • This is what happened 2012--it's the case you can read it I put it out on Twitter
    • Now, is this the same thing as Al Capone used to do?
    • Al Capone used to go into a bar...he'd send his guys into a bar
    • He'd say, "hey you got a nice bar--it'd be a shame if it exploded"
    • And the bartender would naturally go well you guys look pretty rough, can you tell me how it won't explode?
    • "Well you got to do protection"
    • "Oh what's how has protection work? (not child protection that's another)
    • "But the way it works is you buy beer from us. If you don't buy beer from us, the place explodes."
    • These are your choices. This is the old SEIU--I'm gonna give you a choice
    • And this is the Chicago Way, having spent a lot of time in Chicago
    • And I'm not saying Rahm Emmanuel's running the opiate dome
    • I'm not saying that. No Rahm Emanuel on the opiate dome
    • But that's your choice
    • And it looks like that same type of intimidation, SEIU intimidation tactic on these pharmacists is being used to get these DEA licenses
    • Now, what if it's the same DEA license that this guy gave up in 2012, that this Albert Wong, the shoot-'em-up guy at Yountville
    • What if he took over that same DEA license, and wrote thousands, and thousands of prescriptions, where the old real doctor, the real doctor Wong was only writing 13
    • What if that was true
    • We might have found the problem on Capitol Hill
  • Day 141.6. Why Are We Expecting So Much From Horowitz? - YouTube
    • Day 141
    • And here at the US Navy Memorial, nice flags here
    • Of course your name's Sandy Berger or a latter-day Sandy Berger there's your sandy pants right there, if you want to stuff your pants with some documents to obstruct justice, which is what we have electronically: terabytes to Pakistan
    • And of course this organization right here the DOJ not only has the FBI in their enforcement arm, but they have the DEA
    • Now, my question is everyone's waiting for the DEA's IG report
    • And they have 450 people--this Michael Horowitz
    • And everybody is expecting great things for Michael Horowitz
    • Well I'm gonna ask you: if myself and Task Force can find Omar Awan's DEA license
    • If we can find Saipov's license
    • If we can find Mark Lambert--the head guy still there trying to push Campbell as the informant, Campbell Soup, Mark Lambert's the key guy
    • He has a DEA license
    • If they can't find those
    • Wong, if they can't find Albert Wong's DEA license--the guy who supposedly has PTSD and is shooting up the VA
    • If they can't find those things, open source, with 450 lawyers
    • And all the inside information
    • And all the ability with the FBI to do any kind of deep dive on any person the United States possible
    • Why are we expecting so much from his report?
    • That's all I'm saying--is why are we expecting anything?
    • The only way that they've ever produced anything is by somebody producing documents in a lawsuit
    • And then they come in later said, "oh yeah we thought of that too"
    • That's the only thing that this is
    • Anyone who is expecting anything out of the Horowitz report is just doing wishful thinking
    • Wishful thinking
  • Day 142.8. [email protected] As Information Artist. - YouTube
    • Continue our series with JK day 142 part 7
    • So we're talking about internalizing information right internalizing it
    • How to apply it I had a student who was on the debate team
    • And foreign student from Cameroon right actually from Africa yeah
    • (looks like you're wearing the opium dome we're gonna move you off the opium dome and)
    • So the students this happened with all the students were many of the students
    • But they would apply it in their other classes the concepts that I taught
    • So the ability to extract, accept good information is the gathering of the good information
    • And then action literacy is acting ethically upon that
    • So she talked about how these concept of accuracy, accessibility, clarity, context, and then are being refined and relevant
    • Those are the main six concepts and--
    • G: how I think of this when I think of you
    • And your in your Mueller song
    • And then your Peter Paul and Mary song or its its Dion it was a guy named Dick Hollar
    • But I think Peter Paul
    • And Mary also covered that song Martin Luther--anybody here yeah the we'll get to that don't worry I know the fans are clamoring to hear--that John
    • And Abraham Martin and John
    • New lyrics Abraham Martin
    • And John got all the people we've lost all the young people we've lost
    • So it really is that's internalizing the with the part I like about this
    • And the part I like about when our searchers do compound searches is they are internalizing the story into themselves that are
    • The act of going and being active rather than passive
    • Yeah I want to say that George and Task Force are information literate and beyond that information I forgot
    • Again, you said fluency fluency there are information fluent
    • And most people didn't give them enough money if we don't get more money
    • That's exactly what they're doing
    • But I thought of music and you being an information artist sort of
    • You're an information artist in the sense that you are when you have to like redo a song with two funny lyrics you're kind of internalized you first have to internalize the information, then you have to re express it to the world
    • And you're creating
    • You're moving from like the consumer of information to a creator of information in a way
    • Yeah no thank you for saying that I hadn't even thought about it because it is a it does take a lot of work and you have to think it through
    • So I had to know the Grinch song for the Muller parody
    • And internalize it and then move off of that
    • So in that's it kind of the funnier example
    • The more serious example is the opiate crisis and, so you've got a couple of of meaningful stanzas at the end right
    • And one is about kids being lost is that
    • Yeah the third stanza is about all the young people that we've lost to the opioid crisis
    • You want to do that alright next anybody seen that crowing child
    • Wake up see what's going on
    • I hear cries from the secret place
    • And see the pain on a mother's face
    • I woke up and millions were gone
    • G: I think that to me is it doesn't just internalize, it somehow imprints on your heart--it's somehow that when you do that it's somehow that's with me for a promotional yeah connects emotionally
    • But but that's a part of information that imprinting of information
    • You've got it yeah that people don't know
    • And actually that's what advertising does in kind of a negative way--they manipulate you right and I use emotion to get you to buy something
    • So can be used first Norden called me by the way that called me her daughter had died from an overdose
    • So that's why when she saw the first clip, that's why she wanted to talk to you right away
    • Well I want to dedicate to all those people
    • And Pittsburgh we're gonna dedicate that song to you
  • Day 142.11. I wasn’t Looking - YouTube
    • Finally we decided to do a fourth piece
    • And not all action literacy is serious right it can be fun okay
    • Now, I'm gonna use it for my own purposes because that's how I am selfish and all that I
    • Action literacy, and if I have an information artist I'm gonna say "look you know"
    • But this song is gonna be about not lucky it's gonna be about just having fun
    • which is
    • "I wasn't looking JK", you can do a keyword search
    • "I wasn't looking JK" it's a song I wrote
    • Now, this sounds a little autobiographical like this is how you met your wife or something yes is it
    • And the gist the song is not looking and that's when you find love
    • There you go and that's when you find information for this channel to always remember "Search Search"
    • I'm kidding
    • That's how I found this about six weeks ago I wasn't looking for George Webb
    • And when I first saw it I saw how you just you cover so many bases I got about 20 percent of I'm like oh my god
    • So let's outro here on a bouncy sunny jingle
    • So nice the weather it was spring here is great
    • So you need me to
    • Let's make that the background
    • {{SONG}} I wasn't looking through the park that way I wasn't seeing
    • But the Sunny day
    • How do you find a love when you're not looking
    • She was cooling
    • But the place was hot was just all my way to the parking lot
    • How do you find a love when you're not looking
    • But it found her that night
    • It was a shining bright
    • And it found me to hey
    • We were looking
    • And that is our story
    • Is you guys got to look for this channel
    • But also look for those serendipitous channels like JK's
    • So JK space swamp space Muller or information artist or information artist
    • Or I wasn't looking jk jk there you have it what is it active literacy action literacy
    • And information literacy
    • And action lose it
    • And we'll catch you in Lisbon if we don't get you in Lisbon will see you in Bosnia
  • Day 142.12. MedCOM. - YouTube
    • Day 142 it's part 12
    • And we can't seem to get off Capitol Hill before more news breaks
    • But phantom secured phantom secure
    • If you wanted a secure phone that would be like a phantom you'd probably contract with phantom secure
    • Oh by the way it turns out Albert Wong's company ABM ABM is an SEIU Union
    • And they do Med secure
    • They do medical facilities MEDCOM the Medical Command
    • If Medical Command is in California, and Albert Wong is doing that medical security with a phantom secure blackberry: Wow!
    • Anyway we don't know if these BlackBerry's these phantom secure BlackBerries
    • They rip the phone out, they rip the microphone out, excuse me they rip the camera out, they rip the browser out, they ripped the normal messaging services the normal BBS messaging services out
    • It's a stripped-down phone reminds me of Obama's phone actually with only 30 phone numbers hardwired into it
    • That's the phone number that Jack Lew and Dennis McDonagh gave Obama, so that he could only text 30 different people
    • Very nice thank thanks, Joe Biden
    • Well anyway I don't think was Joe Biden either those other folks
    • But anyway they watered down his phone
    • McDonough did it and Lew
    • But anyway getting back to phantom secure
    • This is the one that the all the bike gangs have
    • Phantom secures also the provider to who Sinaloa cartel
    • Fast and furious cleared out all the gangs
    • Made it so that the Mexican oil company could be Denationalized, being able to sell the Gulf Shore leases
    • All this is tied together into one big land grab
    • And the people that we're giving the BlackBerries phantom secure BlackBerries
    • Again, all we need to do is publish the server
    • And we'll find out what those IP addresses are
    • And the other thing about phantom secure is it can remotely wipe the phone if it's ever confiscated by authorities
    • Ramos is the guy's name
    • Not Jorge Ramos of what's that Ramos Vincent Ramos is the CEO
    • It's a company based in Canada I think it's based close to blackberry
    • I think it's in Ottawa
    • I think I think Blackberry was in Ottawa
    • And I believe phantom secure's also in Ottawa
    • So this is very closely tied to NATO
    • And the whole NATO crypto Development--the whole government of Canada's cryptography development
    • And that's that's who Hillary went to to, to do the cryptography for these Blackberries
    • Now, I believe that Blackberries are still being configured by Rao Speedwagon Abbas
    • And being run in and out of the buildings--potentially, from the server by Jamal
    • But the technology comes from Ottawa
    • Comes from this same the same place that phantom secure got their cryptography
    • And encryption technology it's the same place that from blackberry it all comes from blackberry
    • As a matter of fact why not just point right at the Canadian embassy
    • It comes from that Canadian embassy right there
  • Day 142.14. Learning Our DEA Letters - YouTube
    • This is Day 142 this part I think 13 this big day
    • So Rizvi everybody's one of rizvi
    • It's kind of taken capitol hill by storm
    • I remember the frisbee craze
    • I remember hula hoops
    • I do not remember abomb beers, I do not remember Coonskin caps
    • But apparently Rizvi if you can find a Rizvi now, on Capitol Hill it's worth big bucks
    • It's like Bitcoin worth--it's like a one Rizvi is like worth a Bitcoin
    • No actually Rizvi is a name of interest
    • I was just kidding you
    • R I Z V I
    • And it's a name of interest in Florida Rizvi investments
    • We recommend everybody go to their website and and--check out Rizvi R I Z V I
    • Well he also has a DEA license
    • So it probably is worth while we all learn about DEA licenses, since it's the most pressing problem in America right now bar none
    • With what 170 opioid deaths a day?
    • That's 1010 parklands a day
    • So this is the most pressing problem in America
    • So let's learn a little bit about licenses for DEA there's only two letters
    • That's a nice part it's--it's kind of like those alpha Bravo teams--the Alpha splitters
    • And the betas stringers
    • They only have to worry about two letters--it's easy
    • Or if you're in the Awan brothers, doing grain or something, A B AB auto
    • Just two letters a B a B a one brother ID
    • So the two letters first two letters--the first letter is going to be the type of practitioner that you are
    • So A B there's an F and a G
    • You just think of all the grades you might get from a teacher
    • And then they add a G because they like me
    • Those are the top level practitioners research hospitals institutions big boys
    • A through G
    • Then there's an M level, first letter again, first letter, M level, which is a mid-level practitioner
    • Those are your physician's assistants, and those clinic nurse practitioners
    • And then exporters are PR
    • So you can think of like "PR firms"
    • Like like most of the people who have been getting these export licenses seem to be PR firms!
    • So P and R
    • Well this one's F and W
    • So Rizvi, we just just saw that he had an export license, we were just going through the list, and saying FW? what's the W?
    • Is a W a special class for R is V or is it not we didn't see anything after R
    • So that's out there for the group
    • Now, MEDCOM
    • We did identify med come it's based in San Antonio Texas they have a young woman that's running Army US Army MEDCOM
    • All the medical security for the US Army
    • Now, it's just odd that that Wong--Albert Wong
    • And we don't know if Albert Wong's dad is the one in the California pharmacy board or sisters the one on the pharmacy board for Hawaii
    • We don't know any of that
    • But what is weird is that ABM his security company contracts directly for US MEDCOM
    • That is strange. That is crazy
    • So we need to drill down on more on ABM we need to drill down more ends
    • Plus it's an SEIU Union!
    • We need to drill down more on that, and find out how actually these drugs move around
    • And who is in charge of the security of these drugs I think it's gonna be ABM, meaning it's a third party
    • And that is gonna be trouble that's going to be trouble
  • Day 142.16. Correction on Roxbury DRs - YouTube
    • Day 142.15 real quick correction
    • Of course we got cannon here then we've got the long Longworth office building ready
    • Can't you just see Rao and Jamal running in and out with those cartridges--those toner cartridges
    • And of course we've got the office building down there the Rayburn office building, John Wilkes phone booth
    • Now, where those drives just put out there for--a placeholder we don't know right now just yet
    • But one last thing is the second letter the second letter in a DEA license should be the first letter of someone's last name
    • Should be the first one letter of someone's last name
    • So Webb would be a W
    • So FW this is the Rizvi last name, should be an R, right? Should be an R for his Rizvi last name and
    • Now, I've learned Q has said this Rizvi person is important
    • I don't want to jump on--drink the Q-laid yeah
    • I don't necessarily think Q is always on mark with a Q-laid
    • But he did say the Rizvi thing is important
    • The only thing I could add to that is that this is odd that the second letter is not an 'R' it's a W in his DEA license
  • Day 142.21. Your Turn Not To Burn - YouTube
    • We thought we were done
    • But we're not. So this is Margaret Lewis, say hi Margo
    • ML: HI
    • Is that too tight?
    • So Margaret is we see folks here in Washington that each come that have something very important to say
    • And I feel like it's my job when I meet somebody like this to really help them
    • And when they want they have something specific, like an action step, like hey we need to tweet this guy Monk or whatever his name is, I want to do it
    • Now, this is a sad story because her daughters horribly burned when she was 16, by a very simple little tiny fix called a "flame arrestor" a flame flame arrestor
    • And for how long for two hundred years that flame arrestors have been used?
    • ML: yes flame arrestor have been on anything that we cook with heat with her light in all of our homes and everyday use, since they were first invented and patented--1800s
    • And problem is somewhere around 2002, manufacturers decided in order to compete in the marketplace they'd save some manufacturing costs and take the safety guard off
    • And when you don't have this little tiny piece of metal or plastic on the opening it turns it what it would be a normal gas can or ethanol or methanol type of a container into a flamethrower
    • And when that vapor gets sucked inside of a container, we call them an an ice or internal container explosion
    • An ice will shoot a flamethrower anywhere up to 15 20 23 feet well
    • And the research has been done by ATF, CPSC everybody knows it
    • And we've been part of trying to get these flame arrestors required, and put back on instead of voluntary
    • And it's been really hard
    • So that's why I said, "hey if I walking down the street or I do an escalator I would ask you for
    • G: and Margaret said, "hey George I know you"
    • So so this is the thing Margaret was worked with GE I think we can say--that you were six six sigma black belt, continuous process improvement
    • Work for Jeff ML work for the previous guy at Welch
    • So this is a person who you were like in the top executive circle going to China China China for
    • ML: I was a lucky girl that could always make my numbers
    • And I like doing what I did
    • And I was very I I enjoyed the challenge till I do it's like I'm not having fun anymore
    • I'm a mom I got twin daughters I needed to do some other things now
    • G: But your life dramatically changed when this happened to your daughter
    • And she was there at the Shriners Hospital with her daughter
    • And she described how they have to exfoliate the skin every 12 hours
    • And the pain...and this is a mom that I see just incredible fortitude
    • I mean I just yeah--just put one foot in front of the other
    • And just make this thing happen
    • ML: I represent about 4,000 moms a year
    • This is happening 4,000 times a year somebody gets burned by a flammable liquid--not my numbers
    • Facts are my friends it's as NFPA's numbers
    • G: This is a very simple fix--this is a ten-cent this is reminds me of the Pinto
    • This reminds me so much to the Pinto, which we had that $5.00 thing on in the gas can
    • And then we had all these people getting the $5
    • ML: Funny you should bring that up, I just happen to have three flame arrestor on me
    • yeah
    • G: I remember those as a kid when you mow the yard right this little piece of metal our screening could be right in like a gas can yeah or the kin that I spent $25 on yeah they sold him to me telling me it was safer
    • And the price had gone from 17 to 25 dollars
    • So I said I'm gonna buy a case
    • They sold me a case
    • And this is the one that didn't put on that one
    • So the manufacturer that showed me that for $25 didn't put this on
    • Can we agree this is not expensive
    • G: that's not expensive
    • ML: This is what caused the damage
    • Here's one and this is a metal one
    • You can see this one would be on like of a car D room 151 oh very high proof, because bartenders do bad flaming shot
    • And here's another one that's on metal or excuse me um this was I not like a alcohol gel
    • So just so you can appreciate this is just three examples you can see
    • These aren't expensive these are complicated they've been around for 200 years
    • G: So let's let's do a quick call to action now
    • But you said is it Peter monk I what I heard
    • ML: Phil Monkton when I heard
    • G: But I heard Peter Monk I was like oh not not that guy. Yeah Moncton like a monk with a ton of stuff on his back
    • ML: yes Phil Moncton is the guy that drives me crazy
    • He's the vice president a largest Gas can company
    • He's also the president
    • G: what's the largest gas can company?
    • ML Scepter S C E P T E R
    • Scepter out of the Canada
    • G: let's all tweet scepter and say, "hey how about the flame arrestor?"
    • ML: Yes it's like five cents scepter had them on their products they took them off by 2002 I happen to have found depositions
    • So I know when they try to claim oh we don't know what they are we need to study it more
    • Because Phil is the chair of the committee that's been pretending to fix the problem for 10 years
    • He's the president of the Manufacturers Association, which is the lobbying group
    • And he's the vice president of all their sales and revenue streams
    • So that one individual--if we can just get one person to like move aside, we can solve this problem
    • G: And what I would recommend it is there's a healt and welfare committee in the House and the Senate side is
    • Find out which representatives are on there and then tag those wraps, saying, "hey why not this flame arrestor--this is ridiculous"
    • When I heard the description of...but I heard the description of her with her her child, it's worth it, do it, just send out a quick tweet that's all there is to it
    • ML: can I ask one thing sure can I ask everybody to do me a huge favor
    • It would mean a lot to me if you'd also look at asking your representatives to support [[HR 919]]](https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/919) Portable Filled Container Safety Act
    • It's a very balanced bill
    • We're saying just put the safety guard back on
    • And we're saying CPSC, you must protect consumers and students in schools, because there's three or four hundred kids
    • G: in science classes these are in science classes, so your kid could be affected, not just kids mowing in the yard
    • ML: right right right
    • And it's always people in their homes in social gatherings
    • And family gatherings
    • It's our houses it's the things they're supposed to be safe to us right
    • And we just want to make it safe
    • Again, cuz it's completely safe with this guard back on there
    • It is you know
    • G: So how do people get in contact with you if
    • ML: Not Your Turn To Burn Dot Com
    • G: Not Your Turn To Burn Dot Com
    • I'm gonna leave it there because I'm gonna get goofy, so we're gonna leave it there
    • {{ 911: Too late! Just kidding we love ya George. Thanks for covering these human interest stories }}
  • Day 143.1 Maybe A Year of Saying "It's the Blackberries!" Played a Role in BB Bust? - YouTube
    • It's day 143
    • And yesterday was obviously a big day there was
    • I think a total of 12 or 13 different videos
    • And I just was amazed yesterday was probably the most productive day in terms of research, leading to entities
    • I don't get focused on let's say the Vegas shooting...
    • I don't focus on all the details other people do that
    • What I do is I say ok what were the people involved, and what were their associations
    • ABM for Wong turns out to be a provider, a secure provider for medCom
    • MEDCOM what is us Medical Command of the three regions based in San Antonio that sort of thing that comes from that
    • What are the parts systemically in our government that could be attacked?
    • What are areas of research that we should move down in and find out more about
    • And then help our government inspectors to drill down
    • That's the idea here same thing here with Erman Owens looking at
    • Are radiologists actually--and this is not a radiologist like a doctors radiologist--This is a person who's taking x-rays
    • Are those people really writing prescriptions?
    • Why do they have DEA licenses if they do
    • That sort of thing
    • I've read several articles from people that were radiologists that never ever receive their DEA license
    • And understanding the DEA license process more
    • And then I saw yesterday it went all the way down to suboxone being a Y or something, fairly far down into the alphabet
    • Maybe not all the way to Y
    • But understanding that, so that the public can understand how this crisis is happening
    • Again, a hundred and seventy people a day
    • If you're gonna march from--wherever in Parkland to Tallahassee, to protest 17 murders, where your police won't go in, even when there have 39 911 calls
    • And even when they have police on-site hearing shots
    • If if you're gonna won't walk all the way from--Miami to to Tallahassee
    • And I think they took buses I don't even think they did a march...{{ lol }}
    • Then why wouldn't you at least put some effort into knowing how these licenses are given out
    • And what the source of the problem is
    • And then you can do that from just doing compound searches
    • And that goes into what we did yesterday, because we have a 190 of these people out there, who are whistleblowers
    • I would bet a half of them a full half of them are somehow are either involved in DEA or VA type whistleblower activities
    • Just given the nature of the news and the metadata in the news
    • And we talked all about being an information artist
    • All the different ways that you can do searches
    • All the different ways that you can help get the message out
    • Protests of the song sixties songs kind of came to light with JK here what that was great
    • Then it brings out things like this just graphics that show in one picture
    • Here the three regions of the US Army Medical Command
    • And these are the are the different--softs points critical crush points potentially
    • And there's that list I was talking about of all the different lists of--C is a practitioner for DEA license
    • J and K--just let's we can always remember J and K now, because we have JK, right
    • And that's the importer and exporter--it turns out to be importer and exporter
    • I hate to associate JK with that
    • But then we have these treatment programs it's almost PTSD it's almost all the same letters of PTSD
    • Just throw an R in there--So yeah just throw an R in there
    • And then it goes all the way down to X for suboxone
    • But curiously enough for this Rizvi guy that Q thought was can be important, come to the Q-laid
    • He thought that was gonna be important there is no W there is no W there is an I believe suboxone is an X
    • But there is no W
    • And Rizvi's license has a W
    • Is that gonna now, be an easy tell for anybody in the VA to come forward with more leads?
    • Well we don't know
    • And then the last week we finished off with this kind of simple fix--
    • I love these things that are ten cents, that's save four thousand lives and four thousand mother's going to Shriners Hospitals to exfoliate their kids skin every 12 hours and watching the pain in their daughter's eyes when that happens
    • I love that one that's where regulations do make sense
    • And just say hey let's eliminate 2000 regulations for this one $0.10 fix
    • So people say well nothing ever happens
    • Yes something does happen
    • This is an indictment of Vincent Ramos
    • And this is the guy who makes that phantom secure software for blackberry
    • RICO conspiracy
    • And conspiracy to distribute controlled substance
    • "oh you didn't take down you only took down one company in Vancouver BC, right"
    • You only took down one company
    • Well it just happens to be the backbone as I've said here for months or almost a year of the Sinaloa drug cartel, the largest cartel in Mexico
    • You want a strike at opioids, you have to strike at Sinaloa cartel
    • There's no out there's no there's no avoiding that they are number one they are number one by far
    • They are the elephant in the room in Mexico in terms of drug cartel right
    • They're not number two
    • We went for number one
    • And this is 80% this is the gorilla
    • Everyone else is a chimp in Mexico we went for the gorillas
    • And we went right at the heart of the information backbone
    • And we struck and we got the indictment: boom
    • Now, we also know that many other tobike gangs sponsored by ATF in the United States used this type of phone
    • So this was real results
    • And it happened within eight hours that was the amazing part it happened while we were doing the broadcast, which was very cool
    • And then this company is obviously in Vancouver
    • Now, I wanted to also I'll just take a little time to talk about this article yesterday was a 15,000 word article it wasn't 30,000 words
    • I pasted twice in the word count
    • So she didn't get paid quite as much Janet Janet Meyer didn't get paid quite as much
    • But there was a great treatment written by
    • And I was like to promote other channels "empty wheel"
    • This guy is got that Trish Negron type hand that Harvard hand--where they really know how to write
    • And really know how to do literary criticism...if you haven't read 15 months and 15,000 words later boosters still obscure the timeline on the Steele dossier
    • I tend to very quickly summarize Deripaska Deripaska Deripaska right
    • That's the essence of the article which is what's being smoothed over
    • But if you really want to see a great treatment, the Harvard hand the Trish Negron type Harvard hand
    • And I wonder if I almost wonder empty wheel is
    • So it has such a fine hand I almost I think oh that's Trish
    • But anyway read empty wheel in this article I'll put the links in
    • And then getting to blackberry someone said Ottawa, because I've been to Ottawa a lot
    • But it's actually in Waterloo
    • And this was one of the first towns I stopped in after I did the pain clinics in Detroit, then I went to the toWaterloo and that's where I met this filmmaker
    • And we were talking about the pain clinics in Canada
    • And how BlackBerry really started kind of out as a paging company
    • And then people said hey we can use these pages back and forth and that becomes kind of a text conversation right
    • >>>CONT
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[Table] IAmA: I'm Eric Kaplan writer for such shows as Futurama, Big Bang Theory, Love Me Cat, Ask Me Anything

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Date: 2013-06-12
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Questions Answers
I've never seen Ask Me Anything. What's it about? Some joker goes online and people complain about laugh tracks.
Why is futurama canceled? It has to do with ratings and money not the creative quality of the show
It makes me really sad that Futurama is being cancelled, but the Simpsons is still on the air :'( I think they should do a theatrical movie.
It has something to do with the creative quality because I haven't been watching because I think the newest season is pretty weak. Sorry raoh! I hope you will like it more in the future!
Do you think that futurama will get another chance? maybe on netflix or one of these new streaming sites. I hope so!
Futurama's got to have some great viewership on Netflix. I can only speak for myself but I've watched through the whole series on Netflix 3 or 4 times. I'm really hoping it can come back from the dead again. Me too.
Meanwhile Honey Boo Boo is set for another season...I hate people. Compared to what?
Where did you get the idea for writing "Jurassic bark''? Well I wanted to deal with the pathos of being a guy in the future who has left his life behind and everybody he cared about. I have been interested in fossilized creatures since I was a kid. Originally it was going to be Fry's Mom but David Cohen thought it would be too upsetting.
You're the only person to ever make me cry at a cartoon. I hope you're happy, you glorious bastard. I didn't make you cry -- you wanted to cry and you used the cartoon as an opportunity.
Would there have been the same ending for the mom story? That would truly be upsetting. I don't know! Can you think of a better ending?
You made my wife cry from that episode. It was the only thing that got her to start watching Futurama with me (she said it was dumb before that). Then the episode with Fry's brother naming his son after him was extremely sad also, to both her and I. It's funny how we like to feel sad.
I'm going to use this excuse the next time I get in trouble with my girlfriend. "I didn't make you angry! You wanted to get angry, and you used the fact that I didn't do the dishes as an opportunity!" Go for it -- let me know how it plays out.
Something about Bender trying to murder Fry's fossilized mom wouldn't have quite the same comedic effect. Right!
I don't know, I think the ending was pretty darn good as it was. Funny that it was changed for being "too upsetting," when that episode is considered by most of the people that I know to be the Saddest Thing Ever (TM). How does it feel knowing it's renowned for being so sad? I feel glad I made an emotional connection!
Some science fiction cartoon writers just want to watch the world burn. As somebody says "when I am dead let the world be destroyed by fire; I will not care; I will be safe." Selfish!
There'll be no Pazuzu saving him from that aging fountain. Pazuzu! Pazuzu! PAZUZU!
What is your answer to people that criticize Big Bang Theory for stereotyping geeks and nerds in a negative manner? Btw, I am not one of them. I really like the show. I think that is a good thing to think about. Basically the show is based on actual characters. It was co-created by Bill Prady based on his experience as a computer programmer and with other computer programmers. So it should not be viewed as commenting about everybody just these particular people.
As a meganerd myself, I've always said that the Big Bang Theory is as accurate a portrayal of being a nerd/geek as ER was of being a doctor. That is, based in reality but amped up for entertainment purposes. That seems judicious.
So what your saying is a bunch of computer programmer's can land a hot babe like Penny? No -- just one particular one.
I have a theory of why people feel like egglestone and I am really interested to hear your feelings on the matter. Big Bang Theory, though dissimilar in style, has a similar appeal to the show The Office (at its inception) - there are a few crazy characters (Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute) who generate humor by being extreme caricatures of real-life people we interact with on a daily basis. Then there is a character that we can identify with (Ryan Howard the "new guy", and eventually Jim/Pam); we invest ourselves into these characters and see ourselves in them as the show goes on. On Big Bang theory, I would argue that the 4 "nerdy guys" are all, in a way, the "caricature" type in the vein of Michael Scott. Therefore, the character who people can identify with is Penny. Non-nerds are happy to put themselves in Penny's shoes the same way that people might identify with Pam Beasley on The Office - she isn't the most successful or intelligent character, but she often one-ups the nerds with her practicality. People with nerdy friends love the show because they project themselves onto Penny and their nerdy friends/family onto the 4 guys. This is why the show is unpopular among nerds. We can't (or don't want to) identify with the 4 nerdy guys. And we can't identify with Penny because she is the anti-nerd in the group. I also think that the laugh track kills the "nerd jokes" because the audience laughs at the follow-up explanation or counter-punch rather than the joke itself. I commend you for reading this far if you have... TL;DR Do you think that the lack of a relatable nerd on Big Bang Theory is what causes its lack of popularity among "actual" nerds (like on reddit)? I'm not sure -- I don't grok the whole "I am a nerd" meme. I feel like nerd is a hostile term. I don't view myself as a nerd. I just like to read a lot, don't care about fashion and enjoy fantasy RPGS.
Does that mean that you don't personally identify with the 4 guys on Big Bang, or that you don't consider them "nerds"? (I didn't mean nerd in the pejorative sense, but rather in the "let's take this word back!" pro-nerd sense.) I don't accept the word "nerd" like I don't accept the use of the "f" word for gay people or the "n" word for African-Americans. It causes more hurt and confusion than it helps.
Wow. Now I feel like I said something really offensive for using that word so many times. Sorry dude. I'm not offended -- I actually think people put themselves down and over-categorize themselves. Like I love D&D and Star Trek but I don't like Star Wars or video games. So if you call me a nerd based on the first two you'll be surprised by the second two.
Also try watching BBT as if it is you and your friends teasing each other, not some bad outside people making fun of you. Cause when I hang out with my friends we tease each other and that's the spirit in which the show is written.
Which Futurama character is your favorite to write for? Zoidberg -- he is like a marvellous crab man.
Futurama is the goodest show ever. The only TV show I ever watch. You should check out Blue Planet.
Thanks for replying! That's quite late, I never would have expected that! I will see if I can contact him, thanks for the suggestion Eric! You bet!
What's your favorite episode of any of the shows you've written? I like Jurassic Bark a lot -- but I can't play favorites!
Saddest episode ever. It still gets me :'( Sorry! you are from the UK?
OOH! I AM! Great country!
How much do you incorporate your study of philosophy (especially metaphysics) into screen writing? Is there something especially geeky that you managed to sneak in, and no-one noticed? Great work btw. Enjoyed a lot of your shows! Yes -- I put in a whole discussion of Frege in the Big Bang Theory and nobody noticed.
In Series 4 Episode 03 – The Zazzy Substitution? Not only was it my favorite episode, but I squeeled during that dialogue. Thank you for that nerdy moment. I'm glad you liked it! Yes!
What elements of the two industries in which you've worked, comedy writing and academia, would best benefit the other (ie what can profs learn from comedy writers and vice versa)? An excellent thoughtful question! I think I may like them each doing their own thing to be honest -- comedy responding to the needs of the audience, academia setting its lights by a distant star of truth. maybe academia could be a little more human and comedy a little more idealistic? Good question!
When are you going to write a Big Bang Theory episode on Bitcoin? What's bitcoin?
Do you think it is a coincidence that the tiny URL for your Kickstarter campaign starts with the same three letters as the initials of your Futurama colleague Ken Keeler? There are no coincidences
Correct. Keeler controls everything. All hail the hypno-Keeler. how's his play doing? I want to see it.
When you wrote your Flight of the Conchords episode, did you have to incorporate songs that already existed, or did they get written afterward? They already existed.
Which episode(s) of flight of the conchords did you write? Girlfriends.
Why do all the characters on big bang theory wear long sleeves? I think it has something to do with how shirts are constructed.
I should have included the word long. is there a specific reason as to why they only wear long sleeves? My girlfriend and I have been trying to figure out this mystery for too long. Thanks for the AMA I have been watching your work for over a decade now. I don't know!
Did Sheldon and Amy engage in coitus? What body part did the number 14 refer to? Well that is part of the deliberate ambiguity of the text!
Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones? I like BB more cause it feels more "real" but I have enjoyed Game of Thrones as well.
What was the most complex script you ever had to write for Futurama? Where did the idea for Bender come along? Also, Futurama has been and will always be one of my favorite shows of all time. Thank you for granting the world such a great show, or contributing to it. I stuck my head into the writing on the first movie which was super-complicated. Any time you leave the world of linear causation behind be ready for some late nights. Bender came from Matt Groening's dreamworld where he was menaced by homicidal robots. I do not know where Matt Groening's dreamworld came from though, so questions only lead to further questions. You're quite welcome -- thanks for watching -- it makes it all worthwhile.
Also, you should make a character in a show after my user name. If you ever did that, I would go out of my way to make sweet passionate snu-snu to you. That is if you had that power. Again, thanks for your writing and doing this AMA. I will take that offer in the spirit in which it was intended.
Hi Mr. Kaplan. Ardent fan of the big bang theory here. One quick question, on the big bang theory, do you ever wish you had taken Sheldon's persona in a different direction? What would you have done with it? No -- it is more organic -- Sheldon grows based upon the writing and Jim Parsons' performance.
What is your favorite episode of Futurama and why? Futurama is my favorite, thanks for doing this! I really liked "Hell is Other Robots" and the "Farnsworth Parabox". I am personally attached to Hell cause it was my first. I like Parabox cause it really stretches the mind, man.
Dude... there's like a universe in all of us. Nice!
Do you think your philosophical background helped you to be a better comedy writer? What kind of metaphysics do you enjoy studying?? Yes -- I think philosophy and comedy are both about holding irreconcilable perspectives in the mind at the same time. I like metaphysics that feels like an imaginative exploration of what reality could be -- I like metaphysics that present new possibilities to me that I never considered before.
Are you familiar with Speculative Realism and Object Oriented Philosophy? Thoughts: fad or a nu start for Continental philosophy? And have you heard of Meillassoux's After Finitude? I read up a little bit. I think they express themselves too much in dialogue with other philosophers for my taste. I have not read After Finitude. I like philosophy that I can apply to my actual life, not philosophy that requires me to take a stand on a bunch of other philosophers.
As a comedy writer, do you have any kind of comic spin you can give us on this NSA situation? People want to have their neighbors spied on so they feel safe but feel bad if they themselves are spied on. it's a conundrum!
How many of the jokes you write are inspired by real life events? 28%
One of my favorite things about Futurama are the touches of continuity and foreshadowing, e.g. Nibbler's shadow in the pilot. I don't expect you to spoil anything outright, but is there any scene or shot that fans should look more closely at? It's good to look at everything.
Agreed! I fully intend to keep doing so. Nice!
off, thank you for doing this, I love your work and always get excited when I know one of your episodes are coming up on a series I'm watching/rewatching. What other great television writers would you suggest current and retired? Second question, will you keep the beard indefinitely? Andy Bobrow! Yes until there is a groundswell against it.
Malcolm in the middle is a GOD DAMN CLASSIC! You sir, are awesome. Thanks although the credit really goes to Linwood Boomer.
Can you tell me the meaning behind the lyrics to "Layla" and your inspiration for writing such a beautiful piece of music? I don't understand.
He's pretending to think that you are Eric Clapton. That has been a popular joke since I was twelve.
Why not Zoidberg? Why indeed?
One must not ask "why", but rather "why not"? One must ask both.
Because of your zombie expertise, what are your thoughts on World War Z? Too late on cashing in on the Zombie 'fad' or will be a huge hit? I didn't see it! But I think zombies are a metaphor for human life stripped of meaning and becoming only a struggle for life qua life.
So youre saying americans ARE the zombies. Zombies are cool what you got to watch out for is djumbies -- that's a zombie possessed by an evil demon spirit. WAAH.
Would you consider a sliders reboot? Edit:sliders the tv show about quantum tunnels and parallel worlds. The little burgers? what do you mean?
Is it likely that Futurama could live on past the final 13 episodes of the 7th season? Additionally, what was it like working with Matt Groening? We can control the future. Matt Groening is a terrific guy -- very nice and an American icon. He is very down-to-earth and accessible and funny -- like a normal person despite being a world-bestriding colossus of culture.
I don't have much to say during this AMA other than "Thanks for writing on Futurama" and "I will be stealing the phrase 'world-bestriding colossus of culture' from now on." Sounds like a plan!
Hey Eric, thanks for your contributions to comedy and animation! Could you speak a bit about your time working for Letterman? How much has the landscape of late-night has changed in your opinion in the decade + since you were with him? Were you able to transfer over any of the stuff you learned/did for it to your projects afterwards? Thanks again and enjoy your summer! It was a very intense comedy boot camp because we did a new show every day. you really had to learn to write fast and not to be attached to your ideas. that definitely transfers to sit com writing for sure no doubt! I have no particular insight into the late night world since I left since I retire early.
Is there any relation to Motivational speaker And NEw York Times bestseller Steve Kaplan? We are descended from Moses' brother Aaron.
I'll have you know, I'm glad you responded. This is the first time someone has responded to my AMA question. Now for the real question. Futurama is one of my favorite shows. I was sad to see it being canceled... Again. What are your thoughts about that and do you think it'll be back on the air like before? If the fans make it clear that they love the show and they are numerous then there is a strong possibility. Hollywood is a business.
Do you have any writing pet peeves? What is your preferred method of writing - ie computer, paper and pen, lying on the floor dictating to an assistant? I've been typing since I was ten so I type but there is somethig to be said for pen and paper -- it gets you out of the left hemisphere a little.
Best part about being left-handed, only people in their right mind. Well put noble son of a good family (or daughter)
How does one get into that business? Do you need connections to the studios? Or do you just send in scripts hoping to get picked up? There's no one size fits all answer -- basically you have to be an opportunist and use all the opportunities you have and make opportunities -- I think the main thing these days is to get your stuff out there on the internet and connect with fans and with other creators.
Despite Big Bang Theory being one of the most highly watched and rated comedy shows it also has a very vocal group of detractors. How do you feel about that? Is it ever frustrating knowing that the show is so well received by most but loudly disliked by a strong minority as well? Sure -- I want everybody to love me. They should come on the AMA and we can finally work this out.
Eric, I've heard rumors and speculation as to why Comedy Central ended Futurama. Some say it's due to declining ratings, others say it's due to FOX's ownership of the show. If you have any knowledge, could you answer? And is there a chance Futurama could be picked up for new episodes by another network, like Adult Swim, or possibly Netflix? Well sure it could be picked up anywhere. for these networks it's all about the bottom line so if the fans make it clear to netflix or anybody else that they are really committed to the show it will make it more possible. the means of distribution are getting much more democratized.
Yes. Now I have a question. Would you be able to write for a new episode about how Fry later changes his mind and does clone him? or do you get picked for certain episodes and have to stick to a certain topic? It could happen!
Hello Eric, i am a huge fan of BBT and i must say you writers still keep the high standard of the show. My first question - during first season, Sheldon did not appear to me as a pure asexual being(which he is now, well until latest episodes) and from the dialogs i thought of him just as a shy boy. Have you switched to his asexuality because of the humorous potential or was he supposed to be that way from the very beginning? Second question, what female character is most fun to write? They are all fun. I don't think he is asexual.
Hey, when/ how did you know that you wanted to write comedy? I wrote comedy in elementary school -- little plays and stuff like that. my friend Andrew encouraged me in college to try it profesisonally.
I am so sorry there is so much Bbt hate on here. I personally love the show. Which of the characters is your favorite to write for? I like them all. I think hate is backwards love.
What was your favorite book growing up? Probably Alice in Wonderland!
I think this is really Eric Kaplan. Reddit screens people before they do an AMA so that it's all verified. Does Chuck Lorre have a tattoo? When did BBT wrap the last episode? I'm not privy to that info. BBT wrapped last ep in april.
What was your favorite idea that didn't get put into a show? I have wanted to do something from the point of view of an idea or a story but have not figured out how that could be in a show!
What is the meaning behind the Alien pin Howard wears in Big Bang Theory? I CAN'T TELL YOU THAT! THERE ARE PEOPLE READING THIS AMA!
What are some of your favorite Fry quotes? I like someone has a headache - -is it me?
I want to thank you for Futurama & The Big Bang Theory. Both are great shows. I think the problem people have with BBT is that the jokes are either too nerdy or not nerdy enough. The problem with Futurama is that it's been cancelled. My question is rather silly but I'll ask it anyways. Who is the Doctor Who fan & who snuck the TARDIS & the Doctor into the episode of Futurama? I don't know -- maybe the doctor himself? Thanks for the explanation!
How did you come up with the idea for Dirty Magazine and Hal Grieves in Malcolm in the Middle? I still love the Takei call. Dirty Magazine actually happened to me in high school. I was the editor of Argus and Nikki wrote a story about girls getting harrassed and I thought it was great. Then when the faculty got wind of it they fired me and shut down the show. Then the ACLU supported us and Donna Shelala. It was quite a brou-ha-ha. I love the Takei call too!
How did you come up with Hypnotoad? All glory to him! Can't explain how!
Who did you base Howard's role in the D&D episode off of? I almost died choking on Dr. Pepper when he came back with that Christopher Walken Voice. That was pure Simon and simon pure.
Frederick Nietzsche wrote "What was silent in the father speaks in the son, and often I have found in the son the unveiled secret of the father." What do you think he meant by this? It's true. we are part of a biological continuum and what is implicit in one generation can be explicit in the next one.
How much were you involved with creating the alien language in Futrama? Not at all.
Silders the tv show about quantum tunnels and parallel worlds...would you consider rebooting it? I think you'd do a wonderful job I miss that show. Sure!
What's it like working with they might be giants? Great -- they are very sophisticated and post-modern.
Out of all the shows you have worked for, which has given you the most creative freedom as a writer? Zombie College.
Are you jewish? Nothing personal just wondering. Yes!
That is one funny crab-man. Props to David Cohen and Billy West.
I was wondering what advice you might have for someone who's looking to getting into TV comedy writing. Use the internet. keep writing and get stuff on the internet and connect with a fan base. kill your darlings!
Just wanted to say, Jurassic Bark is one of the best Futurama episodes. Crazy enough, watched it yesterday with my little brother-in-law, telling him how good it was. Thanks man -- I appreciate it! did he like it?
Jurassic Bark made me cry and I am a full grown man, well done. I'm glad!
It's cool that you're responding to criticism. So many failed AMA's come to mind that have just failed at this. I like to connect with the fans. If people have an interest in the show positive or negative I am happy to hear from them.
It's been really cool working on Love Me Cat. Just wanted you to know! I'm glad you have been enjoying it!
I wrote my senior thesis on masculinity in Big Bang Theory - thanks for writing for a show that challenges cultural norms of what it means to be masculine. Neat! did you get a good grade?
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