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BAT Community Weekly Update: 10/05/2018 to 10/11/2018 — AMA with Yan Zhu, Why GDPR is kryptonite to Google & Facebook, Brave & Brendan Eich mentioned by US Senate committee (video), BAT/Brave Team at ETH SF, Worldwide BAT Meetups next week

Welcome to this week's BAT Community Update! Big thanks to u/MurphD for his contributions!

BLOG: Why GDPR is Kryptonite to Google & Facebook on Anti-Trust
Brave’s submission to Margrethe Vestager, the EU Anti-Trust Chief, responding to her call for stakeholder input. Brave’s recent submission to the European Competition Directorate General for Competition describes how a core principle of the GDPR called “purpose limitation” can be used to prevent anti-competitive behavior by Google and Facebook.

VIDEO: Brave and Brendan Eich mentioned by US Senate committee

VIDEO: Brave & BAT at Founders Fund with Brendan Eich (CEO) — Detailed talk about BATBrave & BAT official meetup event graciously hosted at Founders Fund, featuring Brendan Eich. Brendan is the inventor of JavaScript, founder of Mozilla/Firefox and CEO of Brave.Brave is a new, privacy-first browser that blocks all third-party ads and trackers by default. Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a revolutionary digital advertising platform that rewards users in Ethereum-based BAT tokens for any ads they opt into seeing, and locally matches ads to user interests without any tracking or data collection required.

BAT Community presents its first worldwide meetup events: “24 HOURS OF BAT” (Oct. 16th)
The BAT was first integrated into Brave in October 2017. To celebrate reaching 1 year of BAT utility in Brave, we’ve asked all of our Regional Leaders and volunteers from around the world to host meetups in their country on October 16th, 2018 and create a full day of global BAT meetups!
If you are in the area where one of our meetups will be taking place, you are invited to join in! Meetups with event pages for each region are listed below. Keep an eye out over the coming weeks for more event pages for 24 Hours of BAT meetups in other countries!24 Hours of BAT meetup in Media, Pennsylvania:
24 Hours of BAT meetup in Jakarta, Indonesia:
24 Hours of BAT meetup in Vigo, Spain:
24 Hours of BAT meetup in Toronto, Canada:
24 Hours of BAT meetup in Bogotá, Colombia:
24 Hours of BAT meetup in Perth, Australia:
And be sure to check out these other upcoming BAT/Brave meetups!
BAT/Brave meetup in Medellín, Colombia on October 20th:
BAT/Brave meetup in Montreal, Canada on October 23rd:

BAT Community Merch Giveaway Winners!
The winners for our BAT Community Daily Merch Giveaways for this week are:
Click here to see pics of previous giveaway winners rocking their BAT/Brave merch!:
Be sure to tune in to our social media channels every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Friday to participate in our daily merch giveaways for your chance to win!

Client Updates:

Brave releases desktop client] version v0.25.2
Brave releases Beta client version 0.55.12

Brave Team Tweets:

More fiat to cryptocurrencies exchanges to come?
Ivan Buncic @ivanbuncic Replying to @BrendanEich @brave will it [Brave] supports something else than bitcoins for contributions?
BrendanEich @BrendanEich We switched from Bitcoin last year, to @attentiontoken. @UpholdInc is first partner enabling exchange to many fiats/cryptos in many regions. More to come. 3:01 PM - Oct 5, 2018

Almost 30,000 publishers/creators, and coming up on 5 million active users!
BrendanEich @BrendanEich Early October @Brave stats: 4.6M MAU 28.7K publishers/creators (23.1K verified) 1:52 PM - 5 Oct 2018
BAT Community @BAT_Community Official BAT/Brave event last night with a great presentation by @BrendanEich! Thanks to Founders Fund for providing the beautiful venue. ☁️✨🦁🚀$BAT #Brave #BeBrave @AttentionToken @brave11:45 AM - Oct 5, 2018

Check out Brendan’s post on Hacker News discussing sending crypto anonymously to favorite sites and creators:
BrendanEich @BrendanEich Oct 6, 2018 I just commented on "Brave – A private, secure and fast browser", HN post at …
BrendanEich @BrendanEich “In this sense, all browsers insert the vast majority of ads today.” 1:03 PM - Oct 6, 2018

Brave’s ad deals don’t come through exchanges.
BrendanEich @BrendanEich As noted elsewhere, we already do antifraud. I'll reply at length, but note our ad deals do not come through exchanges, they require integrity-checked Brave -- so there's no way that fork would get paid so easily. To cheat us, fraudster would have to fake users who run our code. 5:08 PM - Oct 6, 2018

Brave working on BAT for premium content… and don’t forget: Brave gives you token grants!
BrendanEich @BrendanEich Oct 7, 2018 Replying to @naval @sriramk Brave (see the Payments panel in settings/preferences) does let you take a token grant _gratis_ and pin percentages of your monthly budget to any site or YouTube or Twitch channel you want. Reddit & Twitter account support coming. As Brave Rewards, revamped & on mobile very soon.
BrendanEich @BrendanEich
We’re working with some of those sites + other publishers (e.g., Dow Jones Media Group) on “BAT for premium content” too. Everyone needs non-adtech revenue. From recent trips to NYC and Paris, it’s clear to me that publishers are waking up, like the Ents in Tolkien going to war. 10:23 AM - Oct 7, 2018

Brendan’s response to “Why not imitate a specific model (Patreon) that is working in the wild?”
Naval @naval Oct 7, 2018 Replying to @BrendanEich and 2 others
IMHO too oblique and roundabout. Why not imitate a specific model (Patreon) that is working in the wild? Pay USD to sponsor publishers. Publisher’s site unlocks specific content to paying subscribers. Of course this requires some module on the publisher’s side. cc @photomatt
BrendanEich @BrendanEich
If you want roundabout, try getting publishers & users at the same time, with a pitch that requires both at once. Metcalfe’s Law, Catch-22. So we start with users and now, nearing 5M MAU, we have over 23,000 creators on board. We do not centralize data or censor, unlike Patreon.
11:32 AM - Oct 7, 2018
BrendanEich @BrendanEich Last thing: most users do not want to pay, at least not at first. So we give token grants while building other models to pay the user to let paid tokens flow by default to their top or pinned sites. >430K user wallets from desktop only option, coming to mobile in several weeks.
9:15 PM - Oct 7, 2018

How is the adblock support on Brave? Sampson explains:
Kevin S. @ifandbut01 Oct 8, 2018 Replying to @Grummz @brave
How is the ad block support?
Sampson | [email protected]
@brave uses the same lists which power other popular ad-blockers. One exception is that we don't have a pay-to-play model (like others) which lets some advertisers through. We go a step further too, blocking cryptominers (first browser to do so?), auto-play media, and more.
10:44 AM - Oct 8, 2018

Too many browsers, Luke?
Luke Mulks @lukemulks You know you work for a browser, when you have 12 browsers installed on your machine, and at least 3 of them are from the same company. Lol. 4:57 PM - Oct 8, 2018

GDPR only helping big incumbents?
BrendanEich @BrendanEich It's a silly slogan that GDPR only helps big incumbents. … 2:03 PM - Oct 3, 2018

Has Brave always been based on Chromium? Sampson explains:
Sampson | @BraveSampson Brave has pretty much always been built on Chromium. The current released inherited the Chromium code by way of another project called Electron. We forked Electron to improve security, but this slowed us down. Brave Core is us moving closer to the root code-base, for many gains… 8:12 PM - Oct 8, 2018

Will advertisers on Brave would be required to purchase the $BAT token?
Mike Rogers @mikerogers121 Oct 9, 2018 Replying to @BrendanEich and 3 others Sorry Brendan, I made a mistake with the first Q. What I wanted to know is if advertisers on Brave would be required to purchase the $BAT token, via Uphold or other exchange, in order to pay for ads on the Brave platform?
BrendanEich @BrendanEich Yes, the token flows from advertisers to users and publishers. It is the unit of account for attention, sent p2p in as many cases as we can do w/ anonymity, held in user wallets over 30 days of anonymous analytics, settled either via Uphold or soon p2p to optional pub eth wallet.
9:23 PM - Oct 9, 2018

From Reddit: Can extensions spy on us? If it can, how do we prevent it after 1.0 release?
Great response from Chris here:

News You Should Know:

Facebook to release first-party cookie option for ads, pull web analytics from Safari
Facebook is the latest big digital ad seller to release a solution to address moves by browsers to kill third-party cookies. The company is releasing a new first-party cookie option for advertisers, publishers, and developers to measure and optimize Facebook ads and capture analytics data from browsers that block third-party cookies — namely Apple’s Safari and soon Mozilla’s Firefox.

The EU’s new privacy law is starting to bite Facebook
REGULATION helps incumbents, which have the resources to comply, but hurts newcomers. Or so argue critics of the European Commission’s new rules for the digital realm and of its privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). That may yet prove true, although the GDPR makes exceptions for smaller firms. But for now these new laws are making life harder for big technology firms. Facebook, in particular, is in the cross-hairs of European regulators as never before.

Exclusive: Audit cleared Google privacy practices despite security flaw
An independent auditing firm signed off on Google's privacy practices earlier this year after the internet giant had discovered a software bug that exposed private information on potentially hundreds of thousands of users.

Google shutting down Google+ after exposing data of up to 500,000 users
A vulnerability in the Google+ social network exposed the personal data of up to 500,000 people using the site between 2015 and March 2018, the search giant acknowledged Monday.

Roaring Fans:

Yagiz‏ @anonrig Today's the day I switch from Google Chrome to @brave 6:15 PM - 6 Oct 2018

Ö. Onur ERGINOGLU @OnurErginoglu Hey @BrendanEich and @brave team! thank you for saving my 60 minutes from being wasted! There is nothing precious than the time! 9:50 PM - Oct 7, 2018

Zach‏ @heyztb 31,000 ads blocked, just over 31 minutes of times saved @brave Funny how that works out. 3:37 PM - 8 Oct 2018

Tereza Iofciu‏ @terezaif Damn.. this is like in 5 mins after starting to use @brave creepy af #adsblocked #browsermagic #Brave 8h8 hours ago
Just a Random Person‏ @ShrekOverflow First day using @brave with moderate usage (mostly google sites). 20h20 hours ago

Christopher Scott‏ @chrisjscott I'm in love - @Brave browser for macOS + @DuckDuckGo search engine has become my new jam. #MyDataNotYours Oct 10

Kim Priestap‏ @kimpriestap Google is too big, too powerful. Divest from Google. Use @DuckDuckGo for search engine and @Brave for browser. I'm also switching over to @protonmail for email. … via @WSJ Oct 10

Barbora the explorer‏ @barbori_j Started using @brave today and couldn't be happier with it! Fast, smart, no ads, hallelu! Try it too #bravebrowser @AttentionToken #blockchain #innovation
Oct 10
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Big Blocker Kryptonite

David Bohm’s On Dialogue is relevant because he gives us a protocol for communication that resolves conflicting perspective. Here we can note in regard to the Bitcoin’s block size debate, much of the infighting happens because each side of the debate is using different definitions for key words.
This can be alleviated, simply by calling attention to it. Each party can still keep their definitions, but the confusion and perpetual conflict is lifted when everyone understands the cause of it.
This speaks to John Nash’s Ideal Money which is very much misunderstood.
Here we can think of how people want to blame Chinese regulation for a drop in the bitcoin price. If we think of a theoretical stable metric of value in relation to bitcoin, the usd, and the yuan, when the price of bitcoin drops in relation to both the usd and the yuan, its NOT necessarily so that it also drops in value in relation to our conceptual stable metric.
This is the meaning of ideal, conceptual. Ideal Money is a device to insert in dialogue that allows us to properly have this conversation. Without it there is no way to sort out the fragmented perspectives, and so people are probably confused.
That is why the introduction of a stable metric of value into the block size debate is big blocker Kryptonite.
It’s also why I am banned from btc by Roger Ver and why the media he controls won’t talk about Nash’s lectures.
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Cryptocurrencies might become Kryptonite for the casual investor. There have been many famous “bubbles” in history, see The Bubble Bubble, The trading commodity may vary but they they all have some things in common, a period of “rampant speculation” … where the price rises sharply … and an eventual crash. Bitcoin has been through several of these cycles already in its brief history ... Date Day 2 XCN to USD Changes Changes % September 01, 2020: Tuesday: 0.000225 USD: 0.000000204: 0.09056 %: September 02, 2020: Wednesday: 0.000226 USD: 0.000000024 Crypto skeptics have always hailed quantum computing to be a Kryptonite for Bitcoin. But the world still hasn’t seen a fully-operational quantum computer with commercial implications to truly challenge Bitcoin’s dominance as a digital currency. As per Anastasia Marchenkova, a quantum physicist, the... Crypto skeptics have always hailed quantum computing to be a Kryptonite for Bitcoin. But the world still hasn’t seen a fully-operational quantum computer with commercial implications to truly challenge Bitcoin’s dominance as a digital currency. As per Anastasia Marchenkova, a quantum physicist, the... Kryptowährungen im Überblick. Alle wichtigen Daten und Kurse zu Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin und Co.

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