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ZipZap and Bitcoin - they need to advertise more.

I'm interested in the option of converting cash through ZipZap, but what gets me is that I have never heard of ZipZap before visiting this subReddit.
So I looked at their site and found the Locate Your Payment Center section below (which I think should be above the fold of the page). I entered my zip code and was surprised to see several locations within just 2 miles of it. Most of them are in currency exchanges.
Their services are basically rubbing shoulders with Western Union and Money Gram. I believe ZipZap are dropping the ball on their advertising. I haven't seen a single TV commercial or print ad from them, and by offering bitcoin exchanges they could have much potential to get bigger.
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To spend the coins you need the private key, but you usually have a client to take care of that for you. Could you be a bit more specific? I assume that you gave the Bitcoin provider an address you generated with a client. If you tell which program you use, it would be easier to give you some hints. – halftimepad Feb 6 '13 at 20:21 Video: Life On Bitcoin Newlywed Couple Hits The Road: . Beccy and Austin Craig (@LifeOnBitcoin) have been filming their lives for the first three months of their marriage while they live on Bitcoin for a documentary. Provo Utah’s KSL5 TV news reporter Jed Boal interviews them.Excerpts: “The Craigs will test the principal of currency when they begin roadtripping across the county Saturday. We also the cash payment network behind many Bitcoin exchanges in the world including BitInstant, Bitstamp, Tradehill, CoinX, and others. As consumers around the world gain more affluence, ZipZap is ideally positioned to meet the needs of cash-centric communities. We partner with commerce merchants, ewallets, prepaid card providers, currency exchanges, rental payment agencies and many others ... Best bitcoin exchanges. The question of choosing the best bitcoin exchange does not lose its relevance. Many large exchanges are closed for registration, some have lost the trustworthy after hackings or dishonesty of the owners. Practically every day there are exchanges and services with attractive conditions for cooperation. The market of cryptocurrency is inert and poorly regulated ... He simply waved a Bitcoin sign on TV that said “Hi Mom, Send [Bitcoin]” with a Bitcoin logo and a QR code representing his wallet address. In a few hours, he received 22.33 BTC. After the guy appeared on television, some Redditors enhanced the QR code from the screen and identified his wallet. Soon, the image became viral and got to Reddit’s front page, encouraging people to donate ...

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Eric Benz, VP Global Business Development at Zipzap, speaking at The North American Bitcoin Conference. This is the official channel of Triple Zero Media's North American Bitcoin Conference videos. All talks from the conference will be uploaded here. The principle of this show is to select and broadcast the smartest, funniest, heartbreaking, touching or strangest moments from the Bitcoin community. Payzone UK partners with ZipZap, a payment network helping consumers buy Bitcoins using cash. Get YouTube TV Best of YouTube Music Sports Gaming Movies & Shows ... ZIP ZAP MERCH- (Official Music Video) Take On Me parody 200 sub special - Duration: 3 minutes, 56 seconds. 344 views ; 1 year ...